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Meet Our Chefs

Beth Andresini
It all started when Beth was 10 years old. Her creativity, passion and curiosity for cooking first debuted when she asked her mother if she could make an angel food cake. She separated a dozen eggs and began whipping. She whipped. And she whipped. And nothing happened. Nobody told her she couldn’t use a plastic bowl. Consequently, the cake only rose three inches instead of the usual seven inches. From such humble beginnings, Beth rose – unlike the cake – to become a talented cook and started catering events for her friends and church. After hearing again and again that she should become a professional chef, Beth finally took the plunge and started her own personal chef business. Thyme for You launched in 2002 with a mission to create personalized, nutritionally balanced meals for clients and provide them the time to reconnect with their homes and family. 

Chelli Klemkowsi
Chelli graduated from Baltimore Culinary Institute and grew up in South Baltimore where she still resides with a family well known for their restaurants since the 1920s – Jake’s Seafood, which is now owned by her brother and is located in Rehoboth, Del. Chelli formerly was the sous chef at Paza Luna and enjoys time with her chocolate lab, Holly. Her talent of identifying clients’ tastes and style, along with her easy-going manner, have clients raving. 

Libby Zingo
Like many Americans, Libby did not follow the same employment path from college to retirement. She graduated from Loyola with an MBA and worked in the corporate world, but then decided not to climb the ladder. Instead, she followed her artistic bent and became a chef. Libby’s expertise is making healthy food taste good enough for your kids to enjoy and not know it is healthy. Libby has been with Thyme for You for three years and is married, has two boys, a dog and lives in Towson. 

Sung Cadd
Biologist turned chef! With a degree in Biology from the University of Maryland, Sung worked in a lab for years all the while knowing her real passion was for cooking. About 5 years ago she decided to turn her career around and attend culinary school with Anne Arundel Community College where she obtained her AA in Culinary Arts. Sung is a creative chef that strives to make healthy meals for her two young daughters and would love to do the same for you.