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Fee Schedule

How Does it Work? 

Like all of our services, our fee schedule is personalized to your wants and needs. The primary factor is the number of entrees you request (minimum of three), as well as whether you would like sides to go with your entrées. To determine the number of entrees that would serve you best, we work with you to figure out your needs by discussing how busy your life is, whether you work long hours, if you have children, and if you travel often for work or leisure. 

Our No. 1 goal is to create a plan that works best for you that also stays in your budget. To start, all we need is a grocery deposit ($100) and a container fee ($100). The container fee allows us to purchase high quality containers and packaging materials – which you will keep – to ensure your foods are stored properly. On your assigned cook day, we shop for your ingredients, as we only purchase the freshest items at the best value, come to your home and prepare your requested entrées. We can either package your items family style or individually – you decide! 

Thyme for You makes all of your meals especially for you. We make everything to order, beginning with a complimentary consultation to determine your personal likes and dislikes, any dietary restrictions, or any special diet plans you may be following. 

Contact us so that we can help you craft an individualized meal plan to fit your needs and lifestyle!